Olazabal Jeweller's, our history

Mid 19th century - 1913

After the fire of 1813 that destroyed the city and the demolition of the walls in 1863, the city entered the modern era.

The first construction of the Ensanche de Cortázar began in the second half of the nineteenth century and was completed in 1913; it was the building where Olazabal Jeweller's is located.

Ensanche de Cortázar Period

First half of 20th century

The corner of Garibay Street with the bustling Boulevard was occupied by two iconic cafés in the city. First the Café de la Marina and later Café Kutz.

Café Marina
Café Kutz


In the early 1950s, Tomás Olazabal took over the transfer of the premises, fitted out as a jeweller's two years earlier.

On the same premises, three generations of the Olazabal family have attended the residents and visitors of San Sebastian for over 60 years, always offering a fine selection of jewellery and the most prestigious watchmaker's brands.

Ensanche de Cortázar Period
Olazabal Jeweller's - Watch Shop