Rolex Spaces - Olazábal Jewelry

Olazábal Jeweller's SAN SEBASTIÁN

Olazabal Jeweller’s is one of the most prestigious and well-known establishments in the city of San Sebastian. Álvaro Olazábal, who belongs to the third generation of jewellers, managers the store where the latest tendencies in timepieces are to be found.

Rolex Office in Olazábal Jewelry

Exclusivity and luxury IN SAN SEBASTIÁN

Visit in-store and enter one of the most prestigious and well-known jeweller's in San Sebastián. In addition, this jeweller's boasts an area entirely dedicated to the Swiss watch brand, Rolex.


In 2015 the official watch brand distributors took the decision to open a Rolex space, where the emblematic colours of the Swiss brand, green and beige prevail, reflecting the values of excellence, prestige and elegance.

Rolex Space in Olazábal Jewelry
Rolex space in San Sebastián - Joyería Olazábal Jewelry

Professional SERVICE

When buying your Rolex watch, take advice from those with over 20 years of experience selling luxury items and making our customers our best ambassadors. Our goal is to give you personalized and exclusive attention, but above all to help you make the best decision.